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    because that’s not really fucking true at all. they should be honest and tell you: “well, your dreams won’t always come true and sometimes you have to work a way outside the system to make your dreams come true, and if your dreams don’t come true, it does NOT make you a failure.”

    Because you see…

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  3. "Who is to say that robbing a people of its language is less violent than war?
    —- Ray Gwyn Smith"

    Just finished reading “Borderlands/La Frontera” by Gloria Anzaldúa and found this quote to be very intriguing. It’s such a shame how people were stripped of their culture, their rituals and most importantly their language.

    However, I really liked this book & the way it was written.
    I would recommend it for anyone interested in the Spanish language, feminist themes or Chicano studies.  

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    #TeenAngelsMagazine #Chicana #Retro #Chola #Barrio

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    one time a boy tried to pull my hijab off

    i punched him in the face

    closed fist, short swing, right in the jaw

    there is a point where you stop trying to educate people and start making the consequences of their racist bullshit real fuckin clear.

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    “They made us many promises, more than I can remember. But they kept only one; they promised to take our land, and they did.”

    -Chief Mahpina Luta aka Red Cloud(1822-1909)

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  8. "When a Vietnamese family is driven out of its home in a project by African-American youth, that is white supremacy. When a Korean store owner shoots an African-American teenager in the back of the head, that is white supremacy. When 33 percent of Latinos agree with the statement, ‘Even if given a chance, [African Americans] aren’t capable of getting ahead,’ that is white supremacy."
    — African American Scholar Charles Lawrence (via locksandglasses)

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    (real) postcards from South Africa.


    art: by Wessel Mathews